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Brutal Truth

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Written by James Olmos

truth noun ˈtrüth

Something which would probably upset a great many of people if it were known and made public . . . Truth.

Urban Dictionary ~

How would you define truth?  Brutal honesty:  You look fat in those jeans!

I’ve been processing the value of brutal honesty for awhile.  As a songwriter I always craved brutal honesty and I never found myself feeling offended by someone’s opinion.  I’d rather receive critical feedback over sympathetic lies. But that’s me.

People will ask my opinion about their looks or ideas, songs, blogs, photos or poems . . . and my typical reply is, “Do you want me to answer or answer honestly?”  Most respond with, “Just answer.”

My question is this:

Would more harm or good come from brutal honesty?

Would marriages last longer?  Would parents respect their children more?  Would prospective employers be more apt to hire you?  Would your grandmother disown you? (Thanks for the pink Snuggies, gammy!)

We don’t need to be cruel with our response, but we can practice respectful honesty.

I was approached last year by a team who wanted to collaborate on a song I wrote. I agreed, and when they submitted the production to me I shared my thoughts.  I felt they completely missed the essence of the song.  It was a very professional recording with brilliant musicianship . . . but there were aspects of the composition that did not sit nicely with the intention of the song.

The musicians seemed so upset at my remarks that they never continued corresponding. I even shared my encouragement to continue the collaborative journey.  They abandoned the project.

Do you value brutal honesty in your relationships? What would your knee-jerk reaction be and how would you process the answer?

I seek truth most of the time but sometimes the truth hurts me. The closer I draw to the light of truth in my life, the more I realize my lies, pains and spiritual distance. I need to force myself to take personal inventory and remove the negative aspects from my life. Truth removes the negative when you accept the pains of the lie.

Do the right thing and enjoy truth in Life’s Moments ~

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James Olmos

Songwriter, photographer, blogger, health advocating life lover over 40 who’s obsessively passionate about everything for 5 minutes! The Journey is afoot!

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  • see, that’s why I avoid the urban dictionary… it takes simple honesty and jumps straight for “brutal.” I see no need for brutality in honesty — truly 😉 Sometimes we need to use the “brutal honesty” tactic just to get through the walls of denial, especially when trying to sort our own thinkings and stuffs. Here’s the real rub. Even when being the most diplomatic, when dealing with “artists” we still walk on eggshells. I lost a friend over a very polite suggestion that he change a single word to help enunciation while singing a tricky passage. Go figure…

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