Claimed Love

James Olmos Poetry
Written by James Olmos

What is this love that creeps into my soul;
A love full of conquering, zealous truth:
Hope, faith, and might, entwined; I will extol!
Shirk, yea! Vibrant passion does bleed, forsooth.
Enamored you came to repose round my
Bosom. Bewitched you flew, kindling my hope.
Who are you that I should believe your cry;
Hoaxed as beauty drips in my glass, I tope.
Nay! I guzzle, for fear of losing you.
Your eyes may discover deeper, clearer
Waters; my heart would weep to speak adieu,
To beauty so vibrant, and love so near.
Alas! Your love is mine; no man shall steal
Away my victory, this love surreal.

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James Olmos

Songwriter, photographer, blogger, health advocating life lover over 40 who’s obsessively passionate about everything for 5 minutes! The Journey is afoot!

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