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I went to an amazing modern dance performance last night – Diavolo! Made the drive from OC to Santa Monica and WOW was it worth it.  Hit the link and check it out.  They had a Q & A afterward and then they invited the audience to meet the dancers.

I walked straight to my friend Omar Olivas and shared how much I enjoyed his stellar performance of dance and acrobatics.  I was also able to talk with the artistic director Jacques Heim, who I’ve met before from his works with Ballet Pacifica.  Both were a real pleasure to talk with and were still full of “performance high” as they shared their passion for dance.

Jacques is working on another piece and shared a 10-minute live “trailer” after the main performance.  What a stunning piece!  Three dancers bounced, flew, and danced all around wooden ramps as Steven Connell spoke an intensely moving and powerful rap.

I was able to talk with Steven afterward and share my deep appreciation for his art.  His words reached beyond the orchestra seats to that soul spot in each of us.  I’m on his mailing list now and will certainly attend his next solo performance coming up soon (can’t remember when he said it was).  I’ll post it when I receive the announcement.


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