Full Moon Rain

James Olmos Photography
Written by James Olmos

A new song I wrote  . . . I put together a quick recording last night.  I’m considering it for my upcoming CD.

Verse 1

You’ve laid awake too long in this tragedy
I feel your hunger and your pain
Too many years of dark cold melodies
Washed away now in this full moon rain


Let the fire blaze like the midnight sun
Let your hair fall down – I’m the only one
Who can speak your peace on this crazy train
Let our love wash down in the full moon rain

Verse 2

You feel your life song is vanishing
But I see hope beyond the score
Lost in your moment of surrendering
Release it now in this full moon rain


You bleed into the night
One breath into the dark
This world is not your home

A refugee of love
A bitter ending light
You cast all hope aside

Words & Music © 2012 James Olmos

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James Olmos

Songwriter, photographer, blogger, health advocating life lover over 40 who’s obsessively passionate about everything for 5 minutes! The Journey is afoot!


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