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Written by James Olmos

I finished recording and pre-mastering “In A Moment”.  It’s one of six songs on my upcoming EP.  One other song will be as involved with instruments, similar to this song.  The other songs will be me and my guitar.

Know any “students” who would like to mix and master my music for practice?  Then I can just concentrate on writing music, making a simple recording, and posting the song.

In A Moment is my second attempt at music production using Studio One Pro recording software.

I welcome ANY critical listening FEEDBACK.  I have no idea what I’m doing so your ears can help me!  Bring the flaws to light, please.
Embed for In A Moment

In a moment I will see you
In a moment we will be
Two in one and one is all we need
To love

In a moment I will touch your lips
In a moment we will be
Skin on skin and under linen white as snow
You fall on me

I will hold you like a melody
Sing each word into your soul
Breathing in your skin you speak to me
And I cry

Feel the rush of love in my fallen tears
Rolling gently over your skin
In this moment I would bleed for you
I would die for you

Words and Music by James Olmos

Photo Credit Unknown

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