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“The word ‘listen’ contains the same letters as the word ‘silent’.”
Alfred Brendel

The 3rd photo entry for my weekly Self Portrait Journal. A 52 week glimpse into the attributes of James Olmos.

Week Three – Listener

I’ve always considered myself a good listener. I’ve never been one to talk a lot so listening came natural. I can drive for hours, with the radio turned off, and just be with my thoughts. I can lay down, my back to the earth, close my eyes or stare into the sky and just “listen”.

I’ve always been this way.

When I write the lyrics to my songs, or when I write poetry, I sometimes just listen to the melody or rhythm in my head, then write a few words . . . pause and listen . . . then write a few more words.

Silence is the breakthrough to listening.

From Self Portrait Journal – 52 Project

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