My Up And Down

James Olmos Photography
Written by James Olmos

A cute little pop song I wrote yesterday ๐Ÿ˜‰

I wake up every day
Just to dream you back into my mind
You’re everything to me
My up and down
My turnaround so sing this song with me

Hold me close to your soul – cause
I need your smile in my life
You put kisses on each corner of my heart

I heard your voice today
In the ocean and the sky
You’re the hope in my life
My up and down
Now turn around and kiss me strong and . . .

Whispers in the dark
Carry me so far
Silence and your breath
I know

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Songwriter, photographer, blogger, health advocating life lover over 40 whoโ€™s obsessively passionate about everything for 5 minutes! The Journey is afoot!

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