We Never Disappoint The Moments

James Olmos Poetry
Written by James Olmos

When’s the last time your sway turned into a dance

Or your kiss toasted life’s muse

When’s the last time you screamed lyrics to a song

Or tossed petals in the wind

When’s the last time a shoulder healed all your pain

Or you smiled big – just because


When’s the last time you read the poem on my skin

Or dreamed our story in the night

When’s the last time thunder moved you close to me

Or a word spurred creative thoughts

When’s the last time your toes touched the ocean blue

Or your fingertips dripped with honey


We never disappoint the moments


When’s the first time a lemon-puckered your lips

Or rough black leather hugged your skin

When’s the first time words moved you eternally

Or love shook your heart at the seams

When’s the first time belief convicted your soul

Or fear brought meaning to your life


When’s the first time nothing else mattered to you

Or all depended on you

When’s the first time a moment spoke to your heart

Or trust allowed tears to fall

When’s the first time you fell to your knees in awe

Or stood against compromise


Never disappoint the moments ~ never

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James Olmos

Songwriter, photographer, blogger, health advocating life lover over 40 who’s obsessively passionate about everything for 5 minutes! The Journey is afoot!

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