James Olmos - Indie Artist

James Olmos – Indie Artist

Hi – I’m James Olmos, creator of The Indie Artist.

I’m a curious curator of moments that matter. A songwriter, photographer, blogger, health advocating mud runner over 40 who’s obsessively passionate about everything for 5 minutes!

This blog is evolving into something I’ve been passionate about for longer than 5 minutes though, a healthful lifestyle and purpose filled existence. I support and enjoy so many aspects of life. And I want to help others achieve excellence in discovering their purpose while maintaining a healthful lifestyle.

Why the change in focus for this blog?

As an artist, family man, avid traveler and adventure seeker, I know how challenging it is to stay healthy and focused when chasing after dreams and trying to fulfill commitments. Lassoing the tornado seems impossible. And finding valuables in the aftermath is daunting.

My goal for this blog is to help others refocus on what matters – longevity to continue your purpose. A quote by Francis Chan reads, “Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter.” Learn to abandon the unnecessary and excel in your purpose. The Indie Artist offers encouraging life tips for anyone who’s passionate about living longer to express their purpose.

Peace & Health
James Olmos

Songwriter & Photographer




Build A Fort And Dream

Build A Fort-1

Mom’s favorite 400 thread count bed sheet kept falling down from my bedroom wall so I used thumbtacks instead of duct tape to pin it in place. The bedding draped from the wall then over my desk where it stretched to meet my chair. I had taped the corner of the sheet to the chair, but… Read More

A Bat To The Face

Kim Yoga-3

If I woke up in the night and someone struck me in the face with a bat as hard as they could, then I would feel tremendous pain and see the effects of the bat that hit my face. I would seek medical attention and recover. In contrast, if I went to bed one night,… Read More

Recovery Makes You Stronger

Spartan Race_James Olmos

My toes jetted forward, curled and twisted as vicious cramps bit both my calves.  Recovery would only come through tapping out. I was still recovering from my last obstacle course race (OCR) on Sunday but training for the Spartan Super began that next day on Monday. There is no downtime before entering the battlefield. Really? I knew that… Read More